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James Duggan

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04:33 am: U.S. Election
Now that the election down south is over, I feel I can properly comment on it. I am so glad that Obama won. Another Republican term would have been the worst thing for the country. I was watching the result coverage on CNN and one of their pundits said it best. She said, and I loosely paraphrase, because I don't remember her exact words, but she said that whenever the country loses its way, it has the uncanny ability to pick a leader that puts it back on track, which is what we saw with this election. She mentioned some examples, which I forget, but I think she mentioned JFK and Reagan, but I could be wrong. This also gives the Republican Party a chance to rebuild itself. Now, I'm not all that familiar with the parties themselves, or the system in general, but I've heard that the Republican Party as it stands now is not the same Republican Party under Eisenhower, and I know that means that the party has been hijacked by the more radical factions in recent years (as in the Neocons and the Evangelicals), which is why I hate them so much. Unfortunately, the Conservative movement in Canada has been going that way too, which has been very discerning for the more moderate Progressive Conservatives such as myself, and why so many of us are not associated with the federal Conservative Party.

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