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James Duggan

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04:34 am: Debate thoughts
The English-language leaders debate was on last night, and, like usual, I watched it. The format this year was different. In previous years, the leaders stood behind podiums, but this time they all sat at a round table, which I enjoyed. The newer format was also more conducive to more of a discussion, rather than a simple question-and-answer format, and they took advantage of that in the format, which made it more enjoyable to watch. (Though I have a feeling that most people would prefer the term bearable over enjoyable). However, one thing I was disappointed in was that most of the people asking the questions were Ontarians (four in total), while the rest (three in total) were one each from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia, respectively. I'm sure British Columbians aren't too happy about that. I didn't watch the French-language debate, but I'm pretty sure that most of those questions came from Quebec, probably along with someone from New Brunswick as well, so I'm not surprise they didn't have a Quebec-based question in the English debate.

As for the leaders themselves, I thought they all came off strong, even Elizabeth May, which should help her party. I'm sure Stéphane Dion's strong performance will win the Liberals back some of the support they lost due to Dion's previously perceived weakness as a leader, though I still don't think he's as strong a leader as the others.

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