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James Duggan

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04:48 pm: LEAFS RANT!
I've never ranted about hockey before, but after seeing what the Toronto Maple Leafs did on draft day, I feel the need to. When it comes to hockey, I consider myself a fan, but I'm not an avid fan. However, because I live in the Toronto market, I've gotten familiar with the Leafs, though I don't consider them my favourite team. I understand that they are rebuilding, and I am quite happy that they've FINALLY committed themselves to doing that, some of their moves on the trade deadline day irked me.

Here is a list of the moves Toronto made on deadline day:

Claimed G Martin Gerber off waivers from Ottawa.

Claimed D Erik Reitz off waivers from NY Rangers.

Traded F Nik Antropov to NY Rangers for a 2nd round draft pick and another conditional pick.

Traded F Dominic Moore to Buffalo for a 2nd round draft pick.

Traded D Richard Petiot to Tampa for G Olaf Kolzig, D Jamie Heward, D Andy Rogers, and a 4th round draft pick.

They also assigned F Tim Stapleton to the Marlies and will do the same with D Jonas Frogren once Reitz is cleared to play, which will likely be by the weekend.

I like that they traded for draft picks, as that is key in rebuilding, however I could have done without sacrificing Moore to get one of them. Ever since Moore came to the Leafs last season, he's been my favourite player on the team, and I feel he could have helped in the rebuilding process. Antropov, on the other hand, I don't really care for and am glad to see him gone, though I wish that Ponikarovsky could have gone as well. The one trade I'm confused about is the one with Tampa. It looks like Toronto was Tampa's dumping ground so Tampa could free up some cap space. Kolzig won't even play the rest of the season as he is out with injury. As for Gerber and Reitz, I'm not sure about Reitz, he could be a good addition, but I just don't know. Gerber is kinda needed right now with Toskala down for the rest of the season, though he's not as good as Toskala. Gerber was more of a desperation move. One thing I also noticed is that while they traded two forwards, they didn't get any in return, which leaves them quite thin up front. They also did quite the opposite on defense, so now they have a glut of defensemen, though that may be corrected in the offseason when Kubina and Kaberle are expected to be moved. Since I have different thoughts depending on the individual trade, I'm not sure of my overall feelings on the moves as a whole. I guess my overall reaction is frustration. I just hope they address the thinness up front in the offseason.

On a side note, I consider the Calgary Flames my favourite team, and they appear to have improved the most coming out of the trade deadline. I'd just wish I could follow them a little easier.

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